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About Mars in the Mind of Earth

Mars in the Mind of Earth (MME) started in 1997, growing out of an intersection of science fiction and space exploration books in my collection. Initially a list of what I owned, it became a list of what I owned and wanted to own. Having made the list, I, for no other reason I can remember other than enthusiasm, put it up on the web. The site won two awards, and at least once a week I received emails from visitors, suggesting, correcting, asking questions. Comments came from school teachers, NASA scientists, BBC Radio, and of course students. Even when I let the site just "be" for a couple years, people still found it useful.

But behind the scenes I was still working. I kept updating the database of cites and my collection, even if the records did not make it to the web. I saw the beginning of the Mars Society, new Mars movies, the controversy over the Martian metorites, and the success of Pathfinder and Sojourner and Global Surveyor along with the failures of the other probes. I read articles, novels, tabloid outrageousness, and even comic books about Mars, all coming out even faster than before, it seemed. People and governments remained interested. More probes, more stories are on the way. More thought, more hopes and more dreams about Mars are out there.

So, I didn't lose my passion for Mars. And I didn't abandon the site. There is a need for it, and a need for people who are interested in the site to communicate with each other, across the net or even, through writing, across time, sharing what they know and what they hope about Mars. I've updated the site. I've added the information I have been accumulating, and that of visitors to the site who have offered their knowledge and help. I also am committed to keeping this site useful and growing.

In the near future, we will create the Quarterly Mars Bibliography for new resources, database the content of this site for better access and add a news and review blog for the site. If you wish to help, feel free to send book or article citations or become a sponsor. Every little bit helps.

There are many tales to tell about Mars ahead, both real and imagined. With support and hard work, Mars in the Mind of Earth will bring them together with the earlier tales for all of us to learn from and enjoy.

Shikata ga nai.

Goals of Mars in the Mind of Earth Bibliography and Website

To chronicle the expressions of human interest about Mars

To share that information with as wide an audience as possible

To connect people interested in Mars with each other

To remember the contributions of people who have likewise shared their ideas, energies, and efforts concerning Mars with others.

Comments and suggestions

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