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Quarterly Mars Bibliography

The fascination, both scientific and popular, with Mars goes on even when spectacular missions are not crowding front pages and driving people to NASA websites. But with more news, more articles, more publications to look through, finding information you want about Mars is not always easy.

The Quarterly Mars Bibliography (QMB, ISSN pending) will be created to pull together all the various published and public works about Mars into one publication and make those of us interested in the fourth planet aware of their existence. If you want more to be notified when the publication comes out, please email me at editor@marsearth.com

The QMB will be organized into 2 parts:

Non-Fiction Science Books
Scientific Articles
General science articles

Short fiction
Non-Fiction Popular Books
General articles, science and otherwise

Popular science articles will be duplicated, as both are of interest to the two different reading audiences.

Each entry will contain bibliographic information about the item, including subject key words from a controlled vocabulary drawn and in places modified from the NASA Thesaurus.

example entry:

Alexander, Phillip
Vallis Marineris Outflow Deposits: Views from Global Surveyor
Journal of Space Sciences vol. 10 no. 6 p. 239-253.
Vallis Marineris; Global Surveyor; Imaging; Satellite-borne Photography

Subject terms are from the specific to the general, with the second term always noting the geographic region of Mars where the study takes place where appropriate. Abstracts will be added if possible, but probably not for the first few issues.

Publication dates are tentatively February, May, August, and November.

If you want to be notified when the publication comes out, please email me at editor@marsearth.com.


last updated 22 Aug 2003 jea