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Usually, we do not associate sounds with other planets. But sounds are important: voices that tell us about the wonder of Mars, of how it might look like if we stood on its mountains, what challenges we face to get there, and why we it is important to go. Some are simply reports. Other are plays or songs or speeches, or interviews. All of them carry our ideas and hopes and fears about Mars.

Sounds are organized by type, then by name and then speaker(s), if appropriate.

Comments and suggestions

Instrumental, Modern

Mythodea: Music for the NASA Mission: 2001 Mars Odyssey - Vangelis. Sony - #89191. 2001. More successful than the probe itself.


Mixed Music and Spoken Word

War of the Worlds - Jeff Wayne. 1976 Cast recording. Sony, 1978. Richard Burton as narrator. Stunning art, excellent progressive rock music. I first heard this in college, and I've never forgotten it.



Mars Attacks! - Danny Elfman. Atlantic, 1997. Like Vangelis, the music was more succesful than its inspiration.


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