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Web Sites About Mars or Related Topics

The web is a rich resourse for basic information about Mars. Increasingly, the most up to date information about the probes is online. NASA's Pathfinder site received hundreds of thousands of hits when the probe started sending back pictures. The main popular society about Mars uses the net as it's primary vehicle of communication as well. This group is not as comprehensive as the print bibliographies, but hopefully you will find useful, interesting and long-lived sites for education and connecting with others interested in Mars.

The sites will eventually be indexed by subject like the books, but for now they are listed only by the titles. More entries to come, with better formatting.

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Title Notes Author Publisher Year Published
Bonestell Space Art More than just Chesley Bonestell's art, a site that lookat at his life and his philosophy as well.

ERBList A Listserv and interesting web site about Edgra Rice Burroughs and his works. Of note, a nice Barsoomian glossary.
Bozarth, David Bruce 1998
John Carter of Mars THE site for all things John Carter-ish. Attractive, and well done. Good illustrations as well. Anthony, John Miller. John Anthony Miller. 1999.
Lowell Observatory. Homepage for the observatory founded by Lowell in his studies of Mars.
Lowell Observatory.
Mare Chromium: a Brief History of Martian Time 1880-1999. A much expanded version of a paper given in 1990. A truly superb site on a unusual topic. Gangle delves into serious detail concerning the different methods proposed to measure time on Mars, noting the pressign need to standardize given increasing exploration of the planet. Includes relaated articles by others on the same topic, and a decent bibliography. Gangle, Thomas Gangle, Thomas 1997?
Mars. Appearances can be decptive. While looking innocuous in name and design, this site has a wealth of information about Mars missions (US and others), images, and onlien books from NASA. Very useful. Williams, David R. NASA Goddard Flight Center
Mars Express A detailed news and information site from the ESA about their Mars mission, the Mars Express and it's lander Beagle II.
European Space Agency (ESA) 200o
Mars Image Gallery A simple but useful site for thousands of images from Mars Global Surveyor, including a fine atlas of images.
Maline Space Science Systms
Mars Pathfinder Web Site Tries to breaks the site into two parts, for historical purposes: the site at the time of the landing on 4 July 1997 and the site after. However, seveal 1998 images are on the 1997 site, so be aware. Still a great site, and a good slice of Mars exploration history. CD-ROM available.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA 1997
Mars Society Homepage A hugely useful site, especially for bringing together he wide variety of people interested in Mars. Not sure how well they archive, but a lot of good material, more if you are a member of the Society. Includes links to all the various regional and international chapters.
The Mars Society 1997?
Mars Society UK Homepage A related site to the Mars Society main homepage, but still a different and useful site. Very good aboput listing Mars events in the UK.
The Mars Society UK 1999?
MarsDaily An excellent news site, for both popular and harder news, from a French newsfeed I believe.
SpaceDaily 1995
MarsNews.com A decent site, with news and focus areas, but not as frequently updated as some.

New Mars From the site: "New Mars is the flagship online magazine for th Mars Society providing articles, essays and short stories from the most prominent members of the Mars and space communities. "

Sand Ships of Mars An excellent scholarly site about Martian dust storms. Includes Illustrations, charts, and a very good bibliography. Beish, Jeffrey D. Jeffrey D. Bleish. 2002?
Whole Mars Catalog at Mars Today.com A good news site, and one of the longest running. Clearly designed.
Mars Today.com 1996?


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