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Extrasolar Civilization on Mars                                       Back to Subjects

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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes
Douglas, Ian. Semper Mars: Book One of the Heritage Trilogy. New York: Avon 1998 1st ed. Paperback. US Marines on Mars, securing ancient alien artifacts , where a war with the UN spills over onto Earth. The second volume focuses on the Moon, rather than Mars. The third, the Jovian moon Europa.
Whiteford, Wynne. The Specialist. New York: Ace 1990 1st edition. 246 pgs. An Ace paperback original. A journalist goes to the Martian colony to investigate reports of an Alien probe.
Woodcott, Keith (pseud. of John Brunner) The Martian Sphinx. New York: Ace 1965 1st edition, Ace F-320. Interstingly, the cover has a 5 wheeled rover.

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