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Here you will find news about the site, QMB, related topics regarding Mars in the Mind of earth. New sponsors, cool comments, upcoming changes and addtions will all be noted here.

24 August 2003 - We're Up!!!

We opened the site at 1:35 a.m.to be ready for a mention in a news article about Mars in the Chicago Tribune for which I was interviewed. I also put a new front on the old site, directing those users to the new site as well. We opened a bottle of water, it being too late at night for champagne. Enjoy.

25 August 2003 - Chicago Tribune mentions us

Here is the Chicago tribune citation. However, they make you register, and ask for your address which is a bit annoying. I sugggest putting in the address of the Association for Direct Mail Adverstisers, but that's just me. The main mention is below:

"Keeping tabs on the vast array of Mars-centered arts has kept Gene Alloway busy for seven years. The University of Michigan librarian is in the midst of updating his Web site (www.marsearth.com) that lists imaginative works about Mars, from poems and short stories to scientific articles.

"Mars is a place of possibility," Alloway says. "Our interest in Mars stretches back 3,000 years. Every star-watching civilization, from the Babylonians and Egyptians to the Chinese and the Mayans, found the planet different. It was partly the color, but partly the fact that it moved differently from the other planets -- it went back and forth in a retrograde motion rather than across the sky. "

25 August 2003 - People Updated

2 oversights noticed by astute readers were corrected: Robert Zubrin and Patrick Moore were added to the list of Popel Who Gave Us Mars.



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