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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes
Cantril, Hadley. The Invasion from Mars: a Study in the Psychology of Panic, with the Complete Script of the Famous Orson Welles Broadcast. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press 1940 1st edition. 228 p. Seveal later printing, though no new material added. Discusses a series of interviews conducted by Princeton 1 week after the broadcast, as part of a study on the effects of radio. Interestingly, Grover's Mill is not far away.
Koch, Howard. The Panic Broadcast: the Whole Story of Orson Welles' Legendary Radio Show 'Invasion From Mars'. New York: Avon 1970. 1st paperback edition. 163 p. Includes complete script, photographs and cartoons, reprinted newspaper articles, and an introductory interview with Arthur C. Clarke. Ironically, this paperback was published by a Hearst company.


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