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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes

Viking I: Early Results. Washington D.C.: NASA 1976 NASA SP-408. 67 p.
Biemann, Hans-Peter. The Vikings of ‘76. Wakefield, MA: Murray Printing Co. 1977 144 p. A history and image record of the Viking project personnel.
Burgess, Eric. To the Red Planet. New York: Columbia University Press 1978 1st edition. 181 p. A history and overview of the Viking Missions.
Carr, Michael H. and Nancy Evans. Images of Mars: The Viking Extended Mission. Washington D.C.: NASA 1980 1st edition. NASA SP-444. 32 pgs.
Corliss, William R. The Viking Mission to Mars. Washington D.C.: NASA 1974 1st edition. NASA SP-334. 77 pgs. Illus. w/photos and diagrams.
Ezell, E.C. and L.N. Ezell. On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet. Washington D.C.: NASA 1984 1st ed. Chronology and History of the Viking Mission, with discussion of earlier probes as well. NASA SP-4212. 535 p. with extensive notes. Trade paperback.
Fisher, David. The Third Experiment: Is There Life on Mars? New York: Atheneum 1985 1st edition. A popular look at the exobiology experiments of the vbiking Missions
Pozos, Randolfo Rafael The Face on Mars: Evidence for a Lost Civilization? Chicago: Chicago Review Press 1986 1st edition. softcover only. 135 p. Follows and adds little to Hoaglund.
Washburn, Mark. Mars at Last! New York: G. P. Putnam 1977 1st edition. 1st popular history of the Viking missions.


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