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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes
DiGregorio, Barry with Dr. Gilbert V. Levin and Dr. Patricia Ann Straat. Mars: the Living Planet Berkeley: Frog Ltd. 1997 1st edition. 365 p. A work focusing on the interpretation and implications of the Viking Labeled Release Experiment data of Levin and Straat and meteorites ALH 84001 and EETA 79001.
Fisher, David. The Third Experiment: Is There Life on Mars? New York: Atheneum 1985 1st edition. A popular look at the exobiology experiments of the vbiking Missions
Moore, H.J., R.E. Hutton, G.D. Clow, and C.H. Spitzer. Physical Properties of the Surface Materials at the Viking Lander Sites. Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office 1987 1st ed. USGS Professional Paper 1389. 222 p.


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