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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes

International Exploration of Mars: the 4th Cosmic Study of the International Academy of Astronautics. Paris: International Academy of Astronautics 1996

Viking I: Early Results. Washington D.C.: NASA 1976 NASA SP-408. 67 p.
Biemann, Hans-Peter. The Vikings of ‘76. Wakefield, MA: Murray Printing Co. 1977 144 p. A history and image record of the Viking project personnel.
Bradbury, Ray, Arthyr C. Clarke, Bruce Murray, Carl Sagan, and Walter Sullivan. Mars and the Mind of Man. New York: Harper & Row 1973 1st edition. A classic work from some of the most famous Martian visionaries. Taken from a panel session at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory one day before Mariner 9 arrived at Mars, with commentary from the panel added after the Mariner results were in.
Burgess, Eric. To the Red Planet. New York: Columbia University Press 1978 1st edition. 181 p. A history and overview of the Viking Missions.
Caidin, Martin and Jay Barbe with Susan Wright. Destination Mars in Art, Myth, and Science. New York: Penguin Studio 1997 1st ed. 228 p. A very goood popular book published in a year when many books on the subject were published. Especially good on discussing early fiction. A distinct work, not an updating of Caidin's 1972 book with a similar name.
Chambers, Paul. Life on Mars: the Complete story London: Blandford 1999 1st edition. 222p. A good recent overview of the efforts taken to investigate the possibility of life on Mars, starting with early observations and Lowell. The focus of the book is on more recent scientific efforts.
Collins, Stewart A. The Mariner VI and VII Pictures of Mars. Washington D.C.: NASA 1971 1stredition. 159 p. Contains every picture from the two probes. NASA SP-263.
Corliss, William R. The Viking Mission to Mars. Washington D.C.: NASA 1974 1st edition. NASA SP-334. 77 pgs. Illus. w/photos and diagrams.
Drake, Micahel J., Ronald Greeley, Gordon A. McKay, Douglas P. Blanchard, Michael H. Carr, James Gooding, Christopher P. McKay, Paul D. Spudis, and Steven W. Squyres, eds. Workshop on Mars Sample Return Science Houston: Lunar and Planetary Institute 1988 also known as N89-18288 and LPI Tech. Rpt. 88-07.
Ezell, E.C. and L.N. Ezell. On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet. Washington D.C.: NASA 1984 1st ed. Chronology and History of the Viking Mission, with discussion of earlier probes as well. NASA SP-4212. 535 p. with extensive notes. Trade paperback.
Fisher, David. The Third Experiment: Is There Life on Mars? New York: Atheneum 1985 1st edition. A popular look at the exobiology experiments of the vbiking Missions
Hartmann, William K. and Odell Raper. New Mars: Discoveries of Mariner IX. Washington D.C.: NASA 1974 1st edition. Illus. 179 p.
Ley, Willy. Mariner IV to Mars. New York: New American Library 1966 1st ed. 157 p. Softcover only. No hardcover made.
Mariner 9 Television Team & Planetary Program, NASA. Mars as Viewed by Mariner IX. Washington D.C.: NASA 1974 1st edition. Illus. 225 p. Revised edition in 1976.
Reiber, Duke B. ed. The NASA Mars Conference. San Diego: Univelt 1988 1st edition. 535 p. the 21-23 July 1986 conference at the National Academy of Sciences, sponsored by NASA and the American Astronautical Society. AAS Sciecne and Technology Series, vol. 71.
Washburn, Mark. Mars at Last! New York: G. P. Putnam 1977 1st edition. 1st popular history of the Viking missions.


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