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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes
Collins, Stewart A. The Mariner VI and VII Pictures of Mars. Washington D.C.: NASA 1971 1stredition. 159 p. Contains every picture from the two probes. NASA SP-263.
Hartmann, William K. and Odell Raper. New Mars: Discoveries of Mariner IX. Washington D.C.: NASA 1974 1st edition. Illus. 179 p.
Hoagland, Richard. The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books 1992 2nd edition, paperback only. New material, observations, and theories added. Account of the face and the Cydonia region. Later edition in 1996 continues to refute NASA finding about the face, addressing new data.
Mariner 9 Television Team & Planetary Program, NASA. Mars as Viewed by Mariner IX. Washington D.C.: NASA 1974 1st edition. Illus. 225 p. Revised edition in 1976.
Sheehan, William. The Planet Mars: A History of Observation & Discovery. Tucson: University of Arizona 1996 1st edition. 270 pgs. A more advanced and academic look at the history of Mars in human civilization and science. Highly recommended for any student of Mars.
Sheehan, William and Stephen James O'Meara. Mars: the Lure of the Red Planet. New York: Prometheus Books
1st edition. 406 p. A more popular apporach than his earlier "Planet Mars", this work covers both the history of Mars and human imagination and more recent developments in science.


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