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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes
Brandenburg, John E. and Monica Rix Paxson. Dead Mars, Dying Earth. Freedom, CA: Crossing Press 1999 1st edition. 311. An ecological work noting how current environmental actions and policies here might turn us into the next Mars., by comparign martian climatalogical history with Earth.
Flammarion, N.Camille. La Planete Mars et ses Conditions d'Habitabilitie'. Gauthier-Villars et Fils 1892-1909 1st ed. 2 vols. 608 and 598 p., respectively. Standard work covering the history of Mars thought and exploration up to 1909. A draft English translation apparently exists in one copy only, at the Lowell Observatory Library in Arizona.
Granger, Robert A. Life on Mars Lady Lake, FL: Scientific Archives 1997 1st edition. 164 p. A serious work looking at the conditions for life on Mars.
Vaucouleurs, Gerard de. Physics of the Planet Mars: an Introduction to Areophysics. London: Faber & Faber 1954 1st English language edition. 365 pgs.
Vaucouleurs, Gerard de. Physics of the Planet Mars. An Introduction to the Science of Areophysics. New York: Macmillan 1954 1st US edition. 365 p.
Vaucouleurs, Gerard de. Physique de la Planete Mars - Introduction a l'Areophysique Paris: Albin Michel 1951 1st edition. 420 p. Paper wraps.
Vaucouleurs, Gerard de. trans. by Patrick Moore. The Planet Mars. London: Faber & Faber 1950 1st English language edition. 91 p.
Wells, R. A. The Geophysics of Mars. Amsterdam, New York: Elsevier 1979 1st edition. xxi, 678 p. illus.


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