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Author Title Publisher Year Published Notes
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Brandenburg, John E. and Monica Rix Paxson. Dead Mars, Dying Earth. Freedom, CA: Crossing Press 1999 1st edition. 311. An ecological work noting how current environmental actions and policies here might turn us into the next Mars., by comparign martian climatalogical history with Earth.
Keating, G. M. editor. Exploration of Venus and Mars Atmospheres: Proceedings of the Symposium of COSPAR Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission C and of Interdisciplinary Scientific Commission B of the COSPAR Twenty-ninth Plenary Meeting held in Washington, DC, U.S.A., 28 August-5
September, 1992
Oxford: for the Committee on Space research by Pergamon 1992 1st edition. vi, 189 p.
Kellogg, W.W. and Carl Sagan. The Atmospheres of Mars and Venus. Washington D.C.: National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council 1961 1st ed. Publication 944. 151 p.


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